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XGIRLS is the coolest new online collection series of 10,000 NFT programmatically generated and randomly generated XGirls that live on the XRPL blockchain. This is a one of a kind XGIRLS that can be traded for XGIRLS coins on marketplace nft xrpl! Once traded, XRGIRL coin holders receive XGIRLS NFT, after which the coins will be burned forever!

unique & rarity

All 10,000 randomly assembled xgirls are completely unique and customized using an assortment of different traits and accessories. Differences can be seen in the face, mouth, skin, eyes, eyebrows & background. All Xgirls are good, but some are rarer than others!


2021 Q4
  • Design & Develop XGIRLS coin
  •  Create a community (twitter, discord, telegram & instagram)
  • Launch of trustline
  •  Contests and giveaway XGIRLS
  •  XGIRLS NFT concept idea
  • Site launch web, recommand and whitepaper
  • XGIRLS Airdrops
  • Loyalty rewards program for holders of 1.0 XGIRLS or more – Design & Develop XGIRLS 
  • Extensive Marketing Campaign
2021 Q4
2022 Q1/02
  • The mint. holder of 1 xgirls coin will get 1 xgirls NFT
  • Launch the first NFT Marketplace on XRPL
  • Member Exclusive Merchandise Shop unlocked,
2022 Q1/02
2022 Q2/03
  • collaboration and cooperation
2022 Q2/03

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